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i apologize for the lack of capital letters in this post.

so the relocation from irish to british pub trivia night was an all around success. at least that's what rachel, elena, and i decided on the way home. i think kate and carol agreed. jon didn't show up. i hope he didn't go to murphy's out of habit.

though the dartboards at murphy's will be missed, the smoke and intense quiz lady will not. we even managed to snag a table, which was a definite bonus. on top of that we actually knew more than a few of the answers.

it really cracks me up that such a geeky activity draws so many people -- these things are always so crowded!


i stopped using capital letters after my caps lock key broke...even after i got it fixed, i never felt like using it anymore. so no need to apologise, hehe...


the CAPS LOCK key is evil. I hate it when I miss the tab key and all of my letters turn big and mean-looking.


GEEKY activity?!?!? Ahem!

Re: (geeky in a good way)

What would you call an activity where a bunch of people gather to display their knowledge of random facts?

At least it's in a bar, which makes it a little bit less quiz bowlish.


Re: (geeky in a good way)

COOL! With a capital C! And don't you forget it, or you may find yourself walking to trivia...

Re: (geeky in a good way)

oh anonymous fans: why won't you get livejournal accounts so that your comments won't be shrouded in mystery?


no caps are great

please don't ever appologise for using all lower-case. i only write in lower case because i have small hands. having small hands means i have a difficult time holding down the shift-key while typing a capital letter. hail to the small letter users! -siggie

Re: no caps are great

my issue is that the spell checker fixes some but not all of the lower-case. then things are just left looking a little schizophrenic.

there is no spell checker on the reply to comments.