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beach, outside

photographic evidence

Defeating the "picture is worth a thousand words" heuristic by an order of magnitude and change, several photos from last week's trip to the Outer Banks are now posted. [table15 | obx 2004]


Some of those pictures are -so- great, some are -so- terrible!
yeah. it's too bad that people aren't using the commenting system! I find it fun to see which photos are the most viewed ...
my comments would be all "ugh" "gross" and "did that really happen?"
How do you comment, anyway? I tried! There was something else I was going to mention . . . did I tell you I had a dream the other night (Sunday) that you came to visit me to tell me that you were finishing your phd this year and then going to medical school to become an md. it was craziness!
I think there's a field at the bottom of every photo page (below the ratings). Maybe you need to register for your own account to comment?
I saw your friend Aaron on the street in NYC (at the southeast corner of Canal and Mulberry, to be exact) but it was too hard to say hi.
You could always start singing "Pussy Control" the next time you see him - or shout out "Hey, Andre Agassi". :)

Small world up there in NYC!
he was with some other people who i did not know. perhaps i will save singing "pussy control" for when i see him and he is alone. i did try to catch his eye (if you will) but was unsuccessful. new york being new york, i will probably run into him again.
:) Probably a good idea.



I rarely venture into that world... do you remember when it was? -- Aaron P.

Re: hmmmmm

maybe it was actually Andre Agassi?

Re: hmmmmm

a couple weeks ago? on a weekend? definitely at night. you and your friends headed west on the south side of canal. you were with three other people.
It's too bad that your picture of Jenna in the waves doesn't really capture the sheer terror she seemed to be feeling.

Sunscreen application pictures = unnecessary

BTW, I'm having difficulty getting my pictures onto the site...after I sign in to table15.org I can't seem to find the folder to put the pictures in. Am I "Hah!" or is it just being a bitch to me? I thought I'd try at work tomorrow and see if it works from there, but who knows. Is there something you can think of that I'm not doing right?
sorry, it was a critical part of the day! I guess it was sort of unfair for me to do my self-slathering behind closed doors.


what FTP program are you using? you'll need to go through a bunch of folders to get to the right one:

httpdocs --> photos --> albums --> obx2004

(note: there's also a folder called httpsdocs)
i saw both the httpdocs and httpsdocs folders, but neither of them had other folders in them, which was why i was confused. hmmm, maybe i need to be using a different program...i think this may have to wait until tomorrow now though.
yeah. it's pretty much a toss-up: is she having tons of fun or scared for her life?

Too bad I didn't get closer to capture the pure horror of the moment.
I guess it probably would have been hard to get a good picture of it really, as her face was always the best/worst when she was facing the waves, watching them crash toward her. Poor girl...but it really was completely hilarious!
Yeah, the picture makes me look like I'm actually having fun
I know! Seeing that picture you'd think I was making it up that you hated being in the waves!
i'm josh, i'm so popular, i have lots of comments on my livejournal.
I should probably reply to this to up the comment count.