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beach, outside

the end, almost (saturday)

Everyone was up early on Saturday morning to get the house ready for check out. Unlike the 2002 trip, we didn't have the cleaning staff camped out in our driveway at the crack of dawn, making the departure less eventful.

Despite the warnings of strangers on our 2-way radio channel, we had breakfast at "the nasty Sack 'em High," where we learned that "Tipping isn't a City in China" and that "Tips Are Appreciated" among other words of wit and wisdom scrawled on the rafters and windows. I guess the advice might be required since customers order at the counter and the staff brings meals out to tables, confusing traditional waiter-diner boundaries. Or maybe it's just a consequence of the e. euro language/culture barrier. Who know, really.

At least we were stocked up on more greasy foods for the drive home, which turned out to be much longer than expected. Somewhere close to Raleigh, cars just came to a standstill on the freeway for no apparent reason, adding the opportunity for extra fun to our iPod playlist.

As the greasy breakfast was wearing off, we started to make plans for an early dinner in Raleigh. First, though, we went to the mall to see if the geniuses at the Apple Store could figure out Rhiannon's troubles with wireless networking. Unfortunately, the good people of Raleigh had similar ideas, making the wait at the genius bar incredibly long. Who would've thought that Apples would be so popular in an IBM town?

Further resurrecting high school traditions, we did a little bit of hanging out at the mall, looking around at Barnes & Noble and a store that sold offensive-by-way-of-overclever greeting cards. We thought about staying there until someone bought one so that we could punch them in the face on behalf of the intended receiver, but dinner beckoned.

We were the first people at the Rockford, but the dining area soon filled as we had a nice dinner with Scott. The rest of Jenna's friends were too afraid to meet us, I guess. After dinner, we walked through the "power district" to Jenna's favorite drinking establishment, the Flying Saucer. For a while, we sat inside and I pretended to be angry about Notre Dame beating Michigan State. Later, we went outside, a band started playing a cover of the Cranberries' mega-hit, "Zombie" (yet another high school echo), and Jenna, Aaron, and Matt tried to boost their presidential candidate's fortunes in the Flying Saucer's "election" by buying Kerry, Bush, and Kerry pint glasses, respectively. At the close of the evening, Bush held a slight lead.


I've been trying to describe the complete awfulness of those cards to people, but no one gets it. I wish I could remember the name of the card company at least so I could look them up and show them what I'm talking about. Everyone seems to think I'm making it all up!
all I remember is that they didn't have website listed.
Yeah...they probably knew if they had a website then we could easily track them down to punch them in the face.