josh (joshc) wrote,

the end of the tour (friday)

While Jenna was at the gym, the rest of us piled into the car to make a trip to the Home Depot to take care of my first night disastrous encounter with the upstairs screen door. Luckily, fixing it wasn't an expensive or complicated procedure, yet it took four people and a couple of websites to acquire the supplies and install the screen. Unlike the people who stayed at the house before us, ours was the gift of home improvement.

The day was marked by intense wind and occasional storm activity. But given that it was our last day at the house and the sun was shining, we made a last trip to the beach. Sure, it was warm, but in our desperation for sand and surf we did our best to ignore the wind. This worked for a while, and we weighted down our beach mats, read, went into the water, and gave our best efforts. Unfortunately, the wind and blowing sand got the best of us and we gave up first.

Of course, we played games for most of the afternoon to avoid being blown away by the howling wind. I had some incredible luck playing Settlers of Catan. Due to late day lunching, no one was really hungry; so we decided to make a trip to the Weeping Radish (Best of the Outer Banks 2004!) for German-style food and beer. All of the food had the potential to be good, was fried, and arrived lukewarm. Only the female employees dressed in costume, though it wasn't clear if this was the result of sexist management policy or just a matter of preference.

So, cold fried foods made up our dinner and we stopped for dessert on the way home at a place with an unhealthy obsession with overweight cats. Their walls were adorned with customer-submitted photos of cats and framed covers of the Weekly World News tracking the story of the world's fattest cat. In the latest installment, Tonya, formerly the WFC has just emerged from the Catkin's diet too thin. So far, no comment from the bat boy.

We made up for our midweek Settlers of Catan negligence by playing a couple games in the afternoon (which I won handily) and once in the evening. Possibly she declined to participate in the newly crafted drinking game rule modifications, Jenna won the final game of the season. We closed the evening out with a viewing of the Italian Job. I don't think that anyone made it through the movie without falling asleep.
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