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it's getting okracoke in here (thursday)

Speaking of unexpected sun, today was probably the warmest and least windy day of the week. Given that we'd sort of done the pure beach experience, we headed out to find some discount beach toys. Unlike some of the other gimmicky places, the half price sale was entirely gimmick free. Once again, the superiority of e. euro operated shopping experience was validated. Matt and I bought some slick boogie boards, Aaron bought a rainbow kite, and a group bocce set was purchased. Among the horrible products: a sea captain wine holder that was clearly intended to suggest oral sexual entendre, a I ♥ my weiner (regarding Dachshund), and several awful sets of underwear.

So, the beach was more fun than usual. Aaron actually stepped into the water to fly his kite, and Matt and I enjoyed the waves, which terrified Jenna. She never learned the ways of coping with the ocean and was frightened of being thrashed into the shore.

After an extended lunch break we returned to the beach. A pair of crazy dogs were present. One began digging a hole, the other ran back and forth systematically. Its owner sprinted to the water's edge to clean up after it.

When none of us turned out to be hungry, we decided to have mini golf outing at a pirate-themed course that included numerous sound effects. Jenna happened to be driving slowly, so she stopped to purchase some mediocre fudge. On the course, Matt and Aaron were the only two competing for the lead. Rhiannon and I fought it out for last place. Though I won (lost), I failed to double Matt's winning score.

Dinner was at Tortuga's Lie. The name refers to turtles and not deceit.

Back at home we all chat with each other on AIM for a few minutes, driving laptopless Matt to the deck. Jenna and Aaron have a Cosmo-off. Aaron uses the word "sweetie" often. They have their "I Never" therapy session. Rhiannon mixes up a master mega mix and dance party antics ensue. Based on Jenna's curiosity, I load up the interview with the autofellator [eyeshot].

Inspired by the website, Aaron promptly retired to his bedroom, perhaps exercising private talents instead of participating in the makeshift group talent show night.

[am update: apparently Aaron's private talent is the ability to sleep through obnoxious noise without waking.]

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