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the angry sea (wednesday)

The day started with the angry sea and rain, which caused us to make indoor plans. By the time we'd lined up some options, the clouds broke and gave us hope for another day at the beach. This time we piled into the car and drove a few miles up the road based on our read of the meteorology. Though this was optimistic, it gave us an opportunity to view new interesting people on the beach. The prime source of entertainment was a family whose matriarch wore water shoes and refused to roll up her jeans when she went near the water. The father figure lit his cigarette under a beach towel hood and tried to fish using scary bait. We felt sorry for the adopted daughter, who was certain to grow up with terrible fashion sense and appeared to be being groomed to be used as bait for shark fishing.

When our efforts to outrun the rain were proven futile, we returned to the house to watch Drop Dead Gorgeous , which was drop dead funny by being completely inappropriate.

Surprisingly, the weather cleared for real at the end of the day and we had a couple of good hours on the beach to justify our morning donning of bathing suits and slathering with sunscreen. It's such a goddamn process that we need to get a decent payoff for our efforts. It was the end of the day and the waves were gorgeous; so we had plenty of entertainment from the after-work surf crowd. Rhiannon and I stayed outside until the shade from the setting sun and the rising tide converged to chase us back to the house.

Our plans for cooking mexican food required a trip to the local Food Lion, but not for beer. No, tonight was our chance to visit the Brew Thru and it was as awesome as expected. The beer attendant probably thought that we were a little bit crazy when he saw that we already had grocery bags in the back seat, but we were willing to concede the point. We were not, however, willing to buy one of the many T-shirts available for purchase.

So, with our beer and food reinforcements, we returned home to chop up lots of vegetables and manage several pans of food to have another tasty dinner at home.

Sadly, our Settlers of Catan streak was broken in favor of other games that allowed Jenna to recline to ameliorate her aching stomach.


this post has been an excuse to ignore the ongoing "I never" slam between Aaron and Jenna (who says "hi").

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