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another day at the beach (monday)

By some miracle, we were all awake and ready to eat at roughly the same time; so we piled into the car and drove to have breakfast at "on the waterfront" (using one of the coupons, naturally). Of those with a choice, half elected to eat grits with breakfast.

Another sunny day, and given the impending rainy forecast we used it to our advantage by beaching ourselves for the afternoon. This time, we shared the beach with a group of beer-bellied people sitting next to a giant cooler of beer. They entertained themselves for hours watching some of their number flying a Nazi-esque airplane kite. Shading their eyes with an outstretched hand, they were tranfixed for much longer than one might imagine possible. When there were lulls in this activity, they elected to feed Doritos to seagulls.

Other beach inhabitants included occasional surfers, making mostly futile paddles out to sea to find sparse waves. We vaguely heckled, but realized that we were doing even less.

For dinner we drove down to the Black Pelican, home of "killer baked brie." Aaron made googly faces at children seated at adjacent tables. On the way in, we learned that "it's the american way to do things" to move your children from blocking the stairs while others try to get in to the restaurant.

Dessert was at Dairy Queen (More E. Euros, who Aaron suspects are dropped off by boat at the beginning of the season). Something prompts the discussion of Matt dropping dead and being given a burial at sea by Aaron. Details hazy.

After continuing our nightly gaming tradition - settlers of catan, mille bournes - accompanied by drinking (Jenna made the largest Cosmopolitan ever), we spent a lot of time examining the house's collection of the bathroom art. Really, just one piece of "art" that turned out to be a framed calendar page. It chided the reader for fattening up on chocolate (yet reminded them "ewe's not fat, just fluffy" and "if your dog's fat, you're not getting enough exercise") and suggested dietary guidelines, the addictiveness of walking, and horrible recipes for riced vegetables and fish squeezed over lemon. A picture of this monstrosity will be posted soon.

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