josh (joshc) wrote,

on the road, etc. (saturday)

While we got ready on Saturday morning, Jenna borrowed some 2-way radios ("walkies") with dead batteries to allow cross-car communication during the drive to the outer banks. On the way, we stopped at Whole Foods for lunch and picked up some batteries and other beach essentials at the neighborhood drug store.

For our trip, Matt became a master iPod D.J., and ,among other highlights, treated us to the sounds of some of the more entertaining hip-hop of the past couple decades as well as punk/emo covers of already ridiculous movie theme songs from Rhiannon's library. We occasionally used the 2-ways to broadcast our fine selections, so that Aaron and Jenna could experience the high quality listening sensations.

We went to the realtor's office to pick up the keys to the house as well as a lovely mini-cooler and coupon book, dropped out things off at the house, and headed back into town as part of a false rush to get liquor before the ABC store closed. Once stocked up, we realized that we were hungry and didn't feel like cooking. Luckily, we could recreate our high school memories by heading across the street to the neighborhood Pizza Hut. Like most of the businesses in the Outer Banks, it was operated by Eastern Europeans of indeterminate origins. Unlike our high school custom, we didn't follow dinner with a walk to the movies.

Instead, we went back home and started breaking things. Loading the refrigerator revealed some structural flaws in the door shelves and cost us a few good bottles of beer and afforded us the opportunity to pick shards of glass off the kitchen floor. Later, taking advantage of the house's wireless internet, we sat the deck while viewing the ocean and our laptops.

With all of this excitement, I forgot about the existence of the screen door and just walked right through it, tearing the screen and providing much entertainment. I look forward to replacing it. Many previous guests provided notes in the house diary about leaving gifts for the owners, so it will sort of be in line with house tradition. Perhaps I can buy a plaque. It's probably worth noting that none of the damage (to date) can be attributed to intoxication.

The evening fun continued with some games, including Settlers of Catan, which we have pledged to play at least once per day.

Finally, we went to the hot tub and found that someone (a certain suspected p.e.v.) had set the thermostat to 105; so we sort of boiled our insides. This apparently turned Jenna's skin the color of a cooked lobster, and resulted in the rest of us grossly overestimating the house's temperature. To compensate, we set the air conditioning to "freezing" before going to bed.

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