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The day started with a trip to Fry's to buy some memory for my digital camera before taking off for the OBX adventure. At some point, driving a shared hybrid car, wearing a Music for America t-shirt, and listening to the Future Soundtrack for America I got a feeling of the term latte liberal. Incidentally, driving felt completely nerve-wracking, but maybe it's because I didn't know exactly where I was going. In the end, the prices on the website were much better than those in the store. Score one for never leaving the house to make purchases.

The CHRU movie club left the office early to see a matinee of Collateral, which started out interesting and then turned formulaic. After the movie, I went to the gym, walked past a candlelight vigil for the war dead, and met up with Carole to see the Kill Rock Stars show at Neumo's. Evidently, we missed a really horrible noise band by arriving late, but were lucky to get in before the show sold out entirely. The event was all ages, and the venue soon was fairly packed, which meant that I ended up seeing many people that I knew. For instance, Tim, Al, Malinda, Geoff, and their entourage. As well as a guy who stood in front of us for a while, yelling over the music, who had three outlined hearts tattooed on his neck. Hot new trend, I'm sure.

Xiu Xiu actually consisted of more than one person and a strange instrument. This time it was two people and a bunch of sound creation devices, some conventional and some less (harmonium, weird electronics). The big sounds sort of make the psychic pain lyrics less prominent, probably making Xiu Xiu more palatable to a wider audience. I'm pretty sure that most of the people were there for Deerhoof, who provided pretty solid math rock with a gimmicky asian vocalist. The Gossip were surprisingly great (Cori described them as young people making gospel punk music) as were the Decemberists, who were the main reason that we were there and stuck out the relentless falling behind of the schedule and the existentially confusing skits between sets featuring unconvincing impersonations of various musical personalities (for instance, Dean Martin). Anyway, it was a typically good Decemberists fix and the band played some new stuff and sent their crazy instrument guy marching through the crowd with a bass drum at one point.

When the show was over, it was probably 1:30, and I still had laundry and packing to do before my flight to North Carolina.

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