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the long weekend (mon)

Monday started with Downpilot followed by Aveo (feat. Jen Wood), who I thought were even better than their usual goodness. But the EMP is, I think, a really great venue; so that probably helped. As did Ms. Wood (occasionally on the glockenspiel) and the absence of any questionable headwear.

I saw much of the art again, because Carolyn, Eyal, and Amy hadn't seen it and we were faced with a mid-afternoon lull in the scheduling. We left the art early enough to get a decent place in the monstrous line to see Bebel Gilberto at McCaw Hall. By a decent place, I mean that being there a half hour early got us into the nosebleed seats. She started very late and was really good and had quite a traveling ensemble, but we didn't stay for the whole thing out of coldness and being overwhelmed by the mellowness of her set.

Again, I was compelled to wait in an insane line. This time to see the Killers, who I still seem to enjoy much more than I probably should. The thing to know about Bumbershoot in general, and Monday specifically, is that there are bound to be lines. They will look impossible and the crowd control people will try to discourage you from sticking it out, but if you actually want to see the event you'll probably get in if you arrive moderately early. The Killers line might have been an exception since I was there a little more than an hour in advance. The show was, of course, super fun and covered with teenage sweat. Apparently the Killers also have a song that everyone knows that they waited until the end to play. The one about the boyfriend who looks like a girlfriend that I think is one of the stupider songs on the album. Yes, that's the one that everyone loves.

Eyal and Carolyn were not interested in the Killers enough to face the line, so they instead spent the time trying to hunt down a bracelet to gain entry to see the PIxies and Built to Spill. They were successful and we reconvened in the stupidest line of the festival, which snaked from the stadium all the way through the middle of the grounds and around the corner in front of Key Arena. Why a line was necessary given the bracelets is beyond my comprehension.

Yet, we didn't miss more than one Built to Spill song and were able to work our way to a decent spot on the field without any pushing or shoving. There is something a little wrong with the universe when I've seen the Pixies twice in a single year. I even recognize many of their songs, which made the show more enjoyable. By "wrong" I don't mean that I have anything against the Pixies, it's just that by forces of time and geography I never really became much of a fan (I'm sure there was at least one cool person at our high school who knew and loved the Pixies, but it wasn't me), and so I don't feel like I'm getting the life confirming experience that I could be having by seeing time live and in person.


other notes from the festival: corporate record sales (FYE instead of Sonic Boom)? absence of giant parading puppets? even when the lineup appears underwhelming, there's probably more days of entertainment than you think. I was sorry to miss Friday's hometown throwdown and heard that Saturday's Nancy Sinatra show was quite an experience. I am not sad to have missed Seal, Puddle of Mudd, or Nickleback.

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