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Despite the space-themed names, the food at Mars Bar/Cafe Venus was surprisingly tasty. We went there for a happy hour yesterday, making our way from Met Park along a poorly chosen unsidewalked route along Eastlake. While it took a while for the masses to arrive, a decent crowd eventually accumulated.

Several people did leave in time to catch George Bush's speech at the RNC; so I now don't feel completely crazy for my regular checking in on the bizarro world of the other side's convention.

It's nice to see that Kerry's midnight Ohio speech is being covered as something like "standing up to attacks" rather than "rambling late night grasp at media attention." The timing was definitely good.


I've found that Local Cafe, which now occupies the Green Cat space, is a great place to stop for cappuccino on the way to work. They serve Victrola coffee and have fantastically bland scones. I mean that in the best way possible.


I think I'm going to use my two-day Bumbershoot pass for Sunday and Monday. Anyone else. Opinions, arguments, etc.
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