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last nite

I met Carole at a standing-room only crowd at the University Bookstore to listen to Dave Eggers and other funny people from the McSweeney's humor collection, Created in Darkness by Troubled Americans. We had seats on a bench in the back, but were required to stand due to the throngs of people standing in the aisle in front of us. Much humor reading ensued.

Feeling hungry and line-averse, we skipped out on getting books signed and headed for the Ave only to discover that neither of us felt like eating after we found that Solstice was closed early. So much for soup.


Instead I went home to catch the replay of the conservative fear, hate, and lie fest in NYC, but I fell asleep during the Cheney's hypno-speech. I hope that that wasn't part of his strategy to introduce subliminal messages.

Is everyone looking forward to Bush's speech? I hear it's going to be "in-the-round" (not "Oprah style") which is a historic first.
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