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Although the most firefighter's unions have endorsed John Kerry, today's Morning Edition featured commentary from members of a local New York firefighters union that has endorsed Bush.
"he's a stronger man, he's a stronger president for the fight against terrorism and this is the guy we need this is they guy we need to be the president that knows and feels the way we feel and that's what he feels he's got his heart goes out to us."
(Bob Beckwith, the weary firefighter seen standing next to Mr. Bush as the president shouts into a bullhorn amid the ruins of the World Trade Center)

"There's people out there that want to kill us and Kerry I don't think understands that. I've seen it first hand. I lost all my guys in my firehouse that day or I lost ten guys and you know, he's out there revenging their loss"
(John Gleason, a ten-year veteran)[npr]
Start printing up the t-shirts / where is the sloganator when we need it most?
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