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the only earth?

save us all

The Bush twins are speaking at the RNC, making fun of their grandmother, and cracking jokes about how they need jobs now that they're out of college and work's hard to find. The gag is that they want to take over the positions of administration stars. Later, Bush (43) makes jokes about broken promises (re: a camping trip) and the girls chuckled about how their dad allowed their hamsters to die without extraordinary efforts to preserve their lives.

Disrespect for the elderly, irresponsibility, a bad economy, nepotism, lying to your children, and dead animals are all funny. Funny because it's true.


The difference in tone between the parts of the convention scheduled to be on national TV night and those only shown on PBS or cable news is remarkable.

For instance, tonight's prime time is all smiles with the Governator and Bush family warm fuzzies. And the thing is, they're good at it. There's even a moment where George W. is talking to his family via satellite from a little league game where I catch myself smiling. His ability to appear human on stage is something that I have yet to see from Kerry.