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weird observations

(1) the CBS NCAA Basketball championship theme song is really incredibly cheesy. I mean the "one shining moment" song is a little cornball, but they managed to make it even worse. I feel like I should care that Indiana lost, but I don't. I'm petty that way.

(2) there are benefits to attending a school where students don't set things on fire because of basketball.

(3) the Burke-Gilman trail smells not so fresh this evening. It was dark out while I was running, so I'm just pretending it's just fertilizer and not something dead.


You're right, the "One Shining Moment" is really super cheesy and silly on TV, but when I was at the game in 2000 and we won and they played it, I immediately thought it was the most meaningful song ever written. I know, it's pretty sad and embarrassing how my perspective changes when it's my team winning! :-)


yeah. but the CBS version was superbad. I didn't even recognize it until it got to the chorus. Maybe it wasn't even the same song?


Entirely possible - it wouldn't surprise me at all if they had messed with it to make it even sappier.