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the only earth?

through the looking glass

So, I'm watching a little of the Republican National Convention. It is really scary and confusing. Their decorations are cheesy and disorienting, people are dressed as Lincoln, the war in Iraq and the war "on terror" are regularly conflated. Lindsey Graham's and Giuliani have implied that John Edwards wants two Americas. And now McCain just got the audience to boo Michael Moore, who is in the press gallery, for a few angry screaming minutes.

... because obviously Moore is a "disingenuous filmmaker who would have us believe that Saddam's Iraq was an oasis of peace." Moore chucked and waved, looking a little like Jabba the Hut. Even Bush (41) & family got in on the heckling action.

Obvs. the Repubs know they aren't on the networks tonight.


p.s. I'm totally voting for Bush -- he stood on a pile of rubble and made threats!

p.p.s. in case you didn't notice, there was a terrorist attack on our country about three years ago.

p.p.p.s. McCain hasn't seen all of Fahrenheit 9/11


I was watching Barbara when she made her way in with George. She's going on my deadpool next year.

If the Republicans want my vote, they will have to have a genuine Dole/McCain slapfight. I want to see some codger blood!
I dunno. I'll bet they'll use the miracle drugs/robotics that keep the Cheney in action to preserve the Bush matriarch. She's the real powerhouse of the the family.

I think McCain is trying to get himself out of the mess he created for himself when he said that Bush did the same thing to him (regarding his Vietnam record) as he is doing to Kerry when Bush and McCain were trying to get the Republican Ticket.
McCain is doing everything he can to prepare for a 2008 bid for the presidency. With the Cheney unlikely to run, the door's open for a very old McCain as long as he goes through the appropriate support motions for BC04.

I don't think that McCain realized that once he starts towing the party line, he becomes boring to the media. They love him because/when he's a contrarian maverick. There are plenty of other party hacks sharing the limelight.
Did you see Arnold saying "If you want to end terrorism. If you want our country to be safe. If you want strength restored to our country - you are a republican."

I'm still barfing. And highly offended.
One of my friends was working for ABC at the convention. He does an amazing impression of the "economic girlie men" comment.

I tried to convince him to let me steal his credentials, but no luck.