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weekend review

Last night I went out to dinner after work with Carolyn, Carole, and Atri at Ruby and then we saw Hero at the Neptune -- which has been further remodeled with sort of stained glass windows depicting scenes of Neptune, Roman god of the sea. Of course, I know all about Neptune/Poseidon from my comprehensive eighth-grade report on the topic for Mrs. Sandow's class; so I recognized most of the scenes. Good times, middle school in-class toga party! The other addition to the theater is even more Neptune paraphernalia in the form of column decorations with glowing green eyes and ambient ocean sounds.

The movie was great looking at with a semi-interesting (if not somewhat transparent and Chinese nationalistic) narrative structure. Some of the flying fights bordered on hokey (eliciting occasional audience laughter), but it was fun to watch, especially in big screen format.


Today started off productive with laundry and swimming and a haircut. Somewhere after the IMA a headache set in. Even though it's diminished from migraine to dull ache, I abandoned my evening plans to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Somehow skipping a rock musical in favor of keeping my head as still as possible seems like the best plan.

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