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where are all the field events?

So, the women's gold medal today is a great achievement for U.S. soccer, and a nice sentimental sendoff for the "fab five". I'm sorry to have missed the game. I did, however, see the medals ceremony and while their proud singing of the national anthem is commendable and refreshing and just a nice demonstration of pride and joy, it does provide an explanation of why many competitors may have been reluctant to be vocal on the medals stand.

Without criticizing their singing ability -- because who cares, really? they're elated and want to sing, etc. -- it highlights what I suspect are some issues with timing and the speed of sound that seem to be an issue in large stadiums without microphones.


Have the crowds been especially rowdy at these games? Delaying the 200m and booing the gymnastics judges -- at last, a little of that anti-Americanism that we were told to expect!


Compared to swimming, the track competitors seem to be a little more faith-based and the qualifying rounds seem to stretch on forever. Maybe there are more contestants?


I feel like they are just showing more of the qualifying for running than they did for swimming. Maybe because more people recognize runners than swimmers? I remember seeing some of the swimming semis on in prime time (particularly if they were Phelps races), but not any quarterfinals really. But with track they seem to show every single quarterfinal of every single race as if anyone cares.

Also. The runners seem way more cocky than the swimmers (with the exception of Gary Hall, Jr of course).
even though I was vaguely complaining about the lack of field events in prime time, I think that they (along with diving) tend to drag on because there are so many rounds per person per qualifying/quarter/semi/final.

the relay was/is fun to watch though, with a little bit of suspense around the handoffs and the shouting runners.
Yeah, when I went on and on about them singing, I didn't actually think we'd hear the sound. I thought we'd just see them and it'd be great.

I was getting ready for bed and not really watching, and what I heard on the t.v. (before looking) scared me - then I saw it was them singing and felt better.
When the volume was cut a little bit, the women's soccer team singing the national anthem togther was my favorite part of the NBC U.S. Olympic gold winners montage.