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medal round

In contention for most inexplicable olympic event: any of the equestrian ones. Is the winner more about the horse or the rider? and wouldn't you think that they'd have a more dignified course? The one for the team jumping event looks like it was poached from a mini-golf course.


The winner is more about the rider because they have to be able to stay on the horse while it jumps without holding on to the saddle. Also, they have to make it so that the horse will clear the jump without touching the top of it. I'm not sure if they use their own horses or what... but if they have to use their own, then the rider might have to be the one who trains the horse as well.
My vote goes to the shooting events. With the fancy guns and robocop eyepieces, the only way you can screw up is if you shoot at the wrong target...

another wtf moment: there is a handball event. I didn't even know this sport existed. (un-)fortunately, it's shown in the middle of the night on one of the affilitate networks; so who knows if it's entertaining?

i miss swimming more than ever

You'd think they'd at least have the horses be a part of the medal ceremony. Maybe the riders do most of the work, but clearly they aren't doing it alone.

And I agree with Matt, the shooting events are pretty dumb.

Also ridiculous: speed-walking.

Re: i miss swimming more than ever

o.k., I admit to not having seen an equestrian medals ceremony, but how awesome would it be (is it?) if the horses climbed up on the platform and received some sort of honor (medal, wreath, etc.)?

I would totally tune in for that! And if they interviewed the horses? I have a feeling that they'd be as interesting as some of the human medal winners (cough, carly, cough)

Re: i miss swimming more than ever

I have seen an equestrian medals ceremony (I swear I actually do have a life although it seems I don't), and they definitely did not involve the horses in any way. Which is completely ridiculous. They should totally put an olive crown on them and then give them apples and carrots or whatever it is you feed horses as a treat. I wouldn't even care if the horses didn't sing or look emotional. And yeah, horse interviews would be WAY better than gymnast interviews. I'm sure their voices can't be more annoying than Paul Hamm's. Oh! The interviewers could ask the horses questions and then the riders could answer, but like in a funny voice, as if they were actually the horse responding! That would be great television.

Re: i miss swimming more than ever

I think that the main stupidity of the equestrian events was the obstacle course. There is no shortage of w.t.f. ways to spend your life training to win an Olympic medal.

Re: i miss swimming more than ever

I think I need to just find one of the more obscure (a.k.a. winnable) sports and then devote my life to it. The thing is though, while it would be cool to tell people you're an Olympic medalist, it would be super embarrassing to then have to admit it was for race-walking or trampolining or some other ridiculousness.