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Seattle fans of doing things for America might be interested in checking out a Music for America party at the Cardinal Room (above the Graceland) tonight from 7-9 pm.

From one of several very exciting e-mail notices:

What to expect:
Some snacks, good yummy stuff....
Some cocktails. (Donations won't be refused!) 

MfA info session... An ever so interesting update about what is going down in MfA land... New volunteer opportunities that are not yet on the website... You can get first dibs on some hot assed shows! Don't worry, I only want the "meeting" portion of the party to take up five minutes. I am sure you would rather use your ears to listen to Seattle's own DJ Fucking in the Streets spin some hot summer jams than listening to me blabber on.

While it seems a little strange to host an early party in a regular home to after parties, why not go anyway? Do it for America.

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