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chair, apartment

there is no crying in gymnastics

Riding the bus home from a return to pub quiz at the Irish Emigrant that had ended in a not so spectacular defeat -- was it really too much linguistic optimism to think that the Golden Gate Bridge could be painted Flaming (instead of International) Orange? -- I saw this person that I'd met several times. Partially because I can never remember his name, but mostly because I was in the middle of an interview with Slavoj Žižek1 from the July issue of the Believer, I didn't really make any attempt at conversation other than to say hello. I didn't feel especially bad for being possibly aloof, since he was with a friend anyway.

That is to say, the cover price for The Believer is high, but the contents are almost always worth it, often unexpectedly so. I want to say that it's the best periodical on the market, but I don't have any evidence or ambition enough to find something better. It's definitely my favorite of the moment.

There was also the matter of discovering that I was on an entirely different bus route than the one that I thought I'd boarded. This wasn't a big deal, but it was disorienting.

Finally, the Daily Show is the only thing lately that makes me feel that I am not going insane.

(1) The Zs are meant to have upside-down circumflex marks, but I can't find the HTML. (update: a look at page for the July issue of The Believer[blvr] reveals a way to achieve the effect using & #381 and #382)


Rob Cordrry's bit on the media being a filter was absolutely a needed dose of sanity. I'm looking forward to John Kerry tonight. Maybe Stewart can get something out of him.

There really is no reason to watch cable news anymore. If there ever was a reason.
yeah. I hope so. Maybe he can gently let Kerry know that his drawn out public speeches play into the douchebag stereotype.

I just won't shut up about this...

I'll read the Believer if you read Cabinet. And then we can box to see which one is better?

Seriously though: the last issue is full of Zizek references (ok... there were two). But, in fact... they have a little quotation from him somewhere saying something like "Cabinet is exactly the kind of periodical for me..."

For some reason I imagined him holding a can of New Coke when I read that, but oh well.

Anyway... the journal is funded by a $100,000 endowment from some fund, $25,000 from the NEA, etc... so that means no ads. I think you would really, really appreciate a lot of the cultural commentary pieces.

I wouldn't have taken the time to italicize those titles for anyone else. No, really.

Re: I just won't shut up about this...

oops... i forgot one =[ DAMN THESE FICKLE EYES

Re: I just won't shut up about this...

I will check it out / begin my boxing training when I next visit a newsstand. I'm sort of afraid to find a great new magazine, because it will mean that I will need to read more publications. Another benefit of ignorance.


Zizek wrote quotes for one of the Abercrombie & Fitch magalogs; so it's not surprising that he was available for endorsement. From the Believer interview:
It was easy, he sent me a series of provocative images, and I just wrote silly Lacanian statements about them. My critics have attacked me, saying how can you conscientiously accept money from such a company? I said, with less guilt than accepting money from the American university system.

The guys in the style guide department appreciate your efforts!
Don't see the Z on this list, so it might not exist!


proof of life

I just checked The Believer's website -- they used the decimal codes 381 & 381 (Ž, ž). I don't know if that way is less widely supported.