josh (joshc) wrote,

there is no crying in gymnastics

Riding the bus home from a return to pub quiz at the Irish Emigrant that had ended in a not so spectacular defeat -- was it really too much linguistic optimism to think that the Golden Gate Bridge could be painted Flaming (instead of International) Orange? -- I saw this person that I'd met several times. Partially because I can never remember his name, but mostly because I was in the middle of an interview with Slavoj Žižek1 from the July issue of the Believer, I didn't really make any attempt at conversation other than to say hello. I didn't feel especially bad for being possibly aloof, since he was with a friend anyway.

That is to say, the cover price for The Believer is high, but the contents are almost always worth it, often unexpectedly so. I want to say that it's the best periodical on the market, but I don't have any evidence or ambition enough to find something better. It's definitely my favorite of the moment.

There was also the matter of discovering that I was on an entirely different bus route than the one that I thought I'd boarded. This wasn't a big deal, but it was disorienting.

Finally, the Daily Show is the only thing lately that makes me feel that I am not going insane.

(1) The Zs are meant to have upside-down circumflex marks, but I can't find the HTML. (update: a look at page for the July issue of The Believer[blvr] reveals a way to achieve the effect using & #381 and #382)

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