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I think that I'll maybe not as obsessed with the Olympics next week now that it's shifting into the track and field portion. My theory about why running is less entertaining to watch includes components about my own non-love or running and the fact that we have to see the runners' faces in agony while they compete (vs. swimmers whose faces are hidden until they end the race and come up smiling over their win). As they say, developing.

I don't want to underestimate the transformative power of NBC broadcasting.


I keep thinking that too, and then I'll remember that gymnastics still has a few days, as does diving, and that I'm enjoying beach volleyball, and that I will have to watch synchronized swimming in honor of my mom being a former synchro swimmer, and on and on. So I feel like while I am super sad about no more swimming, I will continue to be way too obsessed. Oh well.

Also. Field is much better than Track.
Oh, I know you're right. The thing about track and swimming is that the events are short enough that they don't dominate the coverage. Even if you absolutely hate the events, there's always something entertaining in just a few minutes; so you might as well keep watching!

It seems like the track events require more sappy stories -- maybe because we already "knew" the swimmers from repeat events (and relentless pre-olympic coverage).