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missing the point

So today's mini-lesson: Easter Sunday is not the best day to go shopping. Quite a few stores were closed. It didn't occur to me that people might want to stay at home instead of making my life more convenient. Really, I forgot that it was Easter until I tried to go to a big department store and found the doors locked.

At least the weather was perfect for wandering around downtown; and not everything was closed.

In the "I'm possibly delusional" category: I think that I saw Danny from the Real World. Weird.


Isn't he from the New Orleans year? I'm sure there's tons of guys in this city that look like him.


Yes, he was from the New Orleans season. But he lives in Seattle now.

When I went into the store, I had to cut through a mini-crowd of people in the entryway. On the way out, the crowd had thinned and they guy they were all talking to looked like Danny.

But yeah. The store was abercrombie, so look-a-likes are certainly possible.
Sorry you ran into closed stores. I was actually surprised at how many stores around here were open. And when I went to Kroger I expected it to be empty, not the usual Sunday crowd, you know? But NO - it was just as busy as any other Sunday. Weird.

I also went to Beckie's Easter program. Whew. The man who played Jesus had dripping blood coming down his back in one scene. Pretty gruesome.

On the way there, I encountered a major hailstorm - golf ball sized hail hit my car. It was horribly frightening.


If I had thought about it being Easter before going out, I think the open stores would have surprised me.

Sorry about your truamatic Easter: Yikes - why a bloody back? I don't remember that part of the Easter story. On the bright side, it was only hail and not frogs.

hmmm, the other day, i was walking down by pike place, and thought I saw Danny...


I'll count that as one vote for the "I wasn't hallucinating random reality TV personalities" option.