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setting: bus #43, an older guy is sitting in the seat in front of me. A couple stops along the way, another younger guy gets on the bus and sits next to OG. OG immediately launches into protracted discussion of Burning Man: when he's leaving (vs. when he usually leaves), when will they allow him on site, what he will do if they don't allow him on site immediately, why they should let people go to their sites right away to avoid a line, worries about crackdowns in security procedures wrt entry to site, preference for hotel or bar over midnight line and late-night setup, lather, rinse, repeat.

To some extent, younger guy is a participant in the conversation, but mostly as a supporting player. Then, without any warning or acknowledgment YG gets up and walks to the front of the bus, pretending to exit in the middle of OG's sentence. OG continues talking until he notices YG's attempted escape. Realizing his abandonment, OG chases YG to the front of the bus.

YG's ruse is up, apparently discussion continued.

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