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chair, apartment

a few items

Eating leftover cupcakes, even the delicious Cupcake Royale variety, for breakfast: I think I'm over it. The critical error was eating a whole cupcake instead of a half. I am now ready to die of sugar-related complications.

I think I lost my camera, possibly on the bus. This seems really unlikely; so I'm holding out hope that it's somewhere else. Even worse: the price point for 5 MP cameras doesn't seem to have changed much in two years. If you love/hate your digital camera, please tell me about it, since I might need to start shopping.


What kind of camera did you have (slr, point and shoot)? Do you have a preference on brands for a new camera?
my probably now in a pawn shop camera was a Minolta f100, which was of the semi-compact point-and-shoot (but with lots of feature controls) variety.

for the theoretical new camera, I'm thinking of continuing the point-and-shoot tradition. Maybe something in the Canon PowerShot line, if only because I really like the photos at slower.net and that's what he uses. Something SLRish would be nice, but I have a feeling that I'd be less likely to use something large.

I recommend the Nikon Coolpix line for point and shoots.. And of course the Nikon like for SLRs. The D70 is amazing, but of course quite expensive. I've been saving up for a long time to get that one.
btw, thanks for the advice. I still haven't decided what to get, but the Coolpix 5200 is tempting, along with the canon s60. I really need to look at my budget and take a look at the cameras in real life.
<3 my cannon s200. it's only 2mp though, so if you're looking for a fiver, look elsewhere.
thanks, good to know at leaseet in terms of brand quality.

In the history of my 5 MP, I printed about four large format things; maybe I'll consider fewer MP to save $$.