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chair, apartment

another day older

for my super wild and crazy birthday I worked from home -- a.k.a. watched the Olympics on CBC, which is more entertaining because of the Canadian commercials: Tim Horton's (yes), Greatest Canadian (what?), Little Blue Cow (no); the commentary: "A Canadian Record!" in the 4x200m freestyle relay, and cracks in the competitor's optimism: Rick Say's "I'm pissed off, I'm disappointed, it's crap." -- overdosed on caffeine over lunch, went to yoga, and rode home on a super crowded bus (more collective displays of good humor).

After all of that madness, Jeff (who had picked up Cupcake Royale cupcakes) came over and we picked up a stack of pizzas from Pagliacci and met up with friends for a picnic in Volunteer Park. Even though birthdays are stupid, I had fun and we were entertained by a friendly squirrel, crazy dogs, and energy dense foods. We stayed around until almost dark, leaving before it turned from beloved park [sp&r] to sexual real estate [stranger].

Other snap judgments from the olympics: I want to start swimming, Did gymnastics always have spotters?, and The olive leaf crowns are a nice touch.


Why hasn't Tim Horton's invaded our waters land?
you're right! their website says that they have 228 U.S. stores. AND! their parent company is Wendys.

still, I don't think that their sentimental commercials (guy travels to Europe alone, brings Tim Horton's mug, makes Canadian friends everywhere) would have the same effect in the U.S.
Your posts fascinate me. Gah, I always come off sounding creepy. Happy birthday *mumbles*

glad to hear that someone's entertained.
Oh, no ! I didn't know it was your bday or I would have given you a <marquee>

Will you accept a belated one?
no problem! I'm using an old version of Safari that doesn't support the marquee tag anyway; so I might not have even noticed.
no support for marquee!? blasphemy!!!
I know! they're completely invisible.
happy belated birthday!

i only reply to olympics related things these days

I have never been much of a swimmer; despite many years of swimming lessons and growing up with a pool in the backyard I never enjoyed it much. But. Now that I have been watching so many "aquatics" events I have decided it is imperative that I join the Y and start swimming immediately. This is how much the Olympics is taking over my mind.

I don't remember there ever being those spotters before, at least not being so close (it looks like they actually touch the guys during high bar, although this seems unlikely. and weird.), but what do I know? It seems that if this was a new thing they'd be talking about it constantly like they do the other rule changes.

I wish I had the CBC. NBC is doing better than last time, but they need announcers who are less stupid and more funny.

Re: i only reply to olympics related things these days

yeah. I haven't really ever tried to swim for exercise; so we'll see how far this dream goes. I think I also have the idea that it will immedately grant me a "swimmer's build" and the ability to eat huge stacks of chocolate chip pancakes. However, the talk about Michael Phelps's long torso, short legs, big hands and feet don't seem to be things that can be learned.

Have they been talking about the scores? Have they always just revealed the average, or is this a result of some sort of judging scandal?

The only problem with the CBC is that if I watch it in the morning, some of the evening stuff on NBC is a re-run. I'm surprised that you don't get CBC, I seem to remember having it in East Lansing (unless it was just in the residence halls) which I blame for my fake curling obsession.
So . . . my favorite part of men's gymnastics is when the huge men lift the tiny gymnasts up to the rings. It cracks me up every time!
I don't think I'd noticed! It wouldn't been even funnier if they used step ladders.