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i am not a stuffed tiger.

war on obesity|poverty

Today on Morning Edition, one of my former professors (a.k.a., the marxist epidemiologist) talked about obesity and income. [npr]

I don't know that I learned a lot from his class, but there was always an element of (subtle|meta) entertainment just because this guy was so opinionated.


but wait... is there such a thing as a epidemiological marxist?
I don't know. It might merit an investigation!
I didn't hear the article, but I assume the premise is that fatties are poor and poor people are fat. Which is interesting, since it's a complete 180 from the sociophysical state of the world's population only 100 years ago.
"bottom line: the rich are staying thin, the poor are not."

it's all about the cost of calories being markedly cheaper for unhealthy energy dense foods. for instance, the protein-rich atkin's diet is costed out at $15/person/day. I assume that the pricing is based on doing it the "right way" with lean meats, etc.


you should really listen, just to get a bit of the experience of listening to drewnowski.