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the only earth?

the smiling wife affair

Dan Savage on the McGreevy press conference and the irony of protecting traditional marriage:
If it does nothing else, the McGreevey marriage highlights the chief absurdity of the anti-gay-marriage argument: Gay men can, in point of fact, get married -- provided we marry women, duped or otherwise. The porousness of the sacred institution is remarkable: Gay people are a threat to marriage, but gay people are encouraged to marry . . . as long as our marriages are a sham.[salon]
I'm surprised that he didn't mention his own apparently short-lived sham marriage from earlier this year.


Completely seperate topic... mainly trying not to spoil for Eric

Hey KC here -- we were Before Sunrise/Sunset discussing in the virginal ears of Eric and I figured we wouldn't spoil it for him if we discussed the films this way.

Thanks by the way for the distraction - it is late and I can't sleep because it has been a crappy day. See my LJ for details.

I loved in Sunset when they walked up the stairs to Celeine's apartment. It was that not speaking but saying so much scene. I was quite happy with the sequence when Celine loses it on Jesse for coming to Paris married. It was so very real and can understand her frustration.

Leaving the ending almost as up in the air as Sunrise was excellent. I mean if you think about it they dialogue is so exact and yet there is room for speculation. Jesse is in no hurry to catch his plane like he was in the first movie yet he seems to always steer conversation away from the amount of time left. But when she says "Baby you'll miss your plane" He says I know back it ... well you know what I mean? So well done.