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chair, apartment

overcast, saturday

The morning was a combination of domestic and lazy with a touch of raiding Chris's apartment for items bound for the trash. My kitchen is now stocked with ordinary cooking supplies that I will probably not use, but which could theoretically be useful. It is also home to a mostly full bottle of Cynar, apparently an artichoke liqueur that can be enjoyed alone or with soda but always on ice. Rumor has it that I'm the third (and probably not final) owner of this particular bottle.

Later, Jeff and I played tennis at Volunteer Park. This required the purchase of a crappy tennis racquet from Play It Again Sports. I sort of want to return it.

After an extended post-tennis break, we got dinner at Jai Thai where the most complicated part of our order was a pitcher of beer that they kept forgetting to bring. Stuffed with Thai food and Stella Artois, we wandered around into former barber Majel's extended Seattle tour at the Cha Cha Lounge before it migrated to the Bad JuJu (which, despite the unfunny-ness of the joke, someone in the party kept calling the two bad ju-s). There, more Olympics were on television and someone called Scary Gary was playing a lot of stupid music, while I was fascinated by the presence of a second+ story aquarium that provided a window into an apartment or office that may have been the site for backroom dealings, but who knows, really?


I'd gladly take that bottle of cynar back, if it can ever migrate its way to NYC.
from my cold dead hands ...

no, really, feel free to stop by for a Cynar & Soda (which Joe thinks should be called a Cynara) anytime.
why don't you come to NYC and bring it with you? you could still come for the RNC...

come on. what else have you got to do?

only if you can get me credentials!

I'll 'blog for anyone.


or were you talking about RNC protest chic?
awww... you gotta love scary gary! wait... is he the classic rock dude or the metal dude?
Tough call, maybe more toward 70s metal? He has long hair and was wearing a leather hat, I think.