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i am not a stuffed tiger.


If you didn't already have it, I can't think of a less compelling way to catch Olympic fever than watching a tape-delayed parade/geography bee that is the opening ceremony. 1 Biggest surprises: Bob Costas's willingness to be political (esp. w/r/t Saudi Arabia and Sudan) and the existence of a Palestinian delegation.

Some of these countries are made up, aren't they?

(1) ... and it's competing with LIVE 1000m single sculls; so that's saying something.


i'm watching women's volleyball right now

I am completely addicted to the Olympics every year (I was seriously considering purchasing a Tivo, just so I wouldn't miss anything I really want to see...crazy, I know), but the opening ceremony was pretty darn boring. And four hours is really too long. But, I learned a lot of geography and got to see lots of interesting national outfit choices, so I guess it was all worth the time sacrifice.

It's almost too bad Jason has the weekend off and wants to go all sorts of places and hang out with people, because being a hermit and watching NBC and its sister stations sounds like the perfect way to spend the weekend/next two weeks.

Re: i'm watching women's volleyball right now

I realize that I tuned in for the most boring part of the opening ceremony --> the end of the parade and the opening speeches and Bob Costas and Katie Couric talking over all of Bjork's performance. Somehow I missed most of the interesting parts, including the lighting of the torch.

I expect to get sucked in too. With all of the chennels, there's bound to be a strange new event to watch. For example: synchronized diving. who knew?