josh (joshc) wrote,

last first thursday

Everyone in the gallery was wearing fake silver construction helmets, on account of the new Forgotten Works being under construction. And by everyone, I mean the few people officially involved with the gallery, not everyone at art walk. This was on Thursday, and when we arrived some percentage of the entries in the challenge had already been purchased off the walls, but the space was full of people and rather toasty, temperature wise. The quality of the art was surprisingly good.

Later, we walked around through the thing in the brick courtyard where people set up booths to sell their art and checked out the opening at calix. Also, Pioneer Square was flooded with sailors in their dress white uniforms, possibly because of SeaFair. We tried to guess the percentage of them that would find sexual partners that evening.

Somehow we ended up going to the Live Girls cabaret and had science-fiction themed refreshments while waiting for the show. Very exciting options included: TANG and vodka and StarCrunch(!). The beginning of the show was funny, but went on too long given our group's level of hunger, which we satisfied by going to that italian place by the lofts.

At the restaurant, there was a guy freaking out about his dead cell phone battery. His job is to accommodate people who get stranded by airline cancellations, which sounds like a great way do develop an ulcer.
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