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invisible day

today felt invisible. it was grey and rainy outside so I stayed in most of the day listening to music, watching mtv2, and reading (sometimes simultaneously). also, I did laundry and ate food - the highlights: disappearing socks, raspberry preserves, "guacamango salsa" and an exploding burrito.

The new dashboard confessional video was on multiple times. Even though it's a whiny song, it has grown on me a little bit. Hair everywhere, making out, etc. The best part is the electric racetrack. I wonder what ever happened to mine -- what a goofy but very cool toy that was.

I read "flower children" by Maxine Swann. Also on today's agenda: "The former world record holder settles down" about a sex-star who gets married and joins a bowling league. It's by Courtney Eldridge and it's in McSweeny's #7.

To cap off the fun evening, I finished my taxes. If you're a low income person / starving student, it's free to e-file at Nifty.
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