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some other events

... saw the Outfoxed DVD [site] on Thursday. Nothing especially new for me, but another case of seeing it all in one place that made it worth checking out. The most interesting part to me was the study showing the striking differences in perceptions of the Iraq War based on news source:
Fox News watchers were most likely to hold misperceptions -- and were more than twice as likely than the next nearest network to hold all three misperceptions. In the audience for NPR/PBS however, there was an overwhelming majority who did not have any of the three misperceptions, and hardly any ahd all three. -- "Misperceptions, the media, and the Iraq War" p.11 PIPA, October 2003 [pdf]
Apparently, the results were not explained by differences in educational level or party affiliation. I think that the documentary could've gone further in terms of discussing the overall shift in opinion-based news programming, possibly in an attempt to keep up with Fox's ratings, but I guess that FNC was the easy target. I do feel sorry for the volunteers who had to watch Fox for months to catalog particular techniques.


My iBook's hard drive started making bad clicking noises; so I spent much of Friday trying to back up data and figure out if there was any hope for it's future.

Based on my conversation with AppleCare this morning, it looks like it will be taking a field trip to Apple early next week.


Today I've been catching up on work using a CSS laptop [css]. Nice to see techfee money put to good use.


They're playing Outfoxed this week in Raleigh - wasn't sure if I should check it out or not.
I guess so. Is it for a fundraiser or something? That might make it more justifiable.

It's just that I already had the sense that Fox News was not actually fair and balanced; so seeing proof of it wasn't completely shocking. There were some interesting parts and, like I mentioned, some interesting evidence of the effect of partisan news on viewer perceptions.

Because it didn't reveal anything especially "new" to me (or to any of it's intended audience), I definitely wouldn't call it a great documentary. Still, it's good enough to watch if you want to see it.
yeah. i've sort of been running around like crazy lately, so nights at home are cherished. i don't know if finding out the truth behind "fox news" is really all that much of a pull. but i'll have to check the dates again.