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the only earth?


"reporting for duty" -- meant to remind us of his military service? or a swipe at Bush's national guard ambiguous attendance?


it's unfortunate that the democrats saved one of their less inspiring speeches [txt] for the final night's keynote. (incidentally, the "great american author" of You Can't Go Home Again was Thomas Wolfe. Is there a reason not to mention his name in the speech?).

Not that goosebumps are mandatory. It was a competent speech. Frank Luntz's focus group seemed to like it.


I did think the joke about being born in the 'west wing' was rather amusing...
so lame.
anybody catch the slip, "we'll double the number of special forces for terrorist- er, anti-terrorist, operations."
I didn't notice that one. My other favorites were "idear" (shout out to the Deaniacs) and "hair pollution" (shout out to expensive barber critics?)

Granted I grinned like a monkey as he was walking onto the stage (I felt some surge of pride for Democrats everywhere...not because of Kerry just because of 'the dream') the speech felt so canned and poorly written. Can we trust Kerry to deal with foreign politics or will we just send Edwards to small countries to tell them how he survived poor, so they can too? Its alright cause we have things like http://www.johnkerryisadouchebagbutimvotingforhimanyway.com/ so the world isn't a total loss. At least we all agree...