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i am not a stuffed tiger.

rise of the fake

A great day for the simulated on the web: fake presidential fundraising [whitehousewest], fake weblogs (can we get a consistent NYT style rule for web log, weblog, blog. okthx) [nyt], and sponsored fakesters [wired, via apophenia]

note: two of these links involve Will Farrell.



I'm a student conducting a survey. PLEASE help me out!!!

I am conducting an online study on blogging – why people do it, what they get out of it, and how it affects their lives. I am taking part in the Intel Science competition for high school students and this research will form the basis of my application (so please help me out).

If you are interested in taking part in this study, sharing your online experiences or finding out more information about the study, please go to http://www.psych-studies.com/blog1.php

Pre-testing indicates that the questionnaire generally takes between 10-15 minutes to complete. Upon submission of your responses, you will be provided with the results of the study thus far. In other words, you will be able to see how the average person has responded to each of the questions. Individual responses are fully confidential and your participation is anonymous.

I thank you for your time and patience and hope that you will be willing to further our knowledge about the ways in which electronic communication affects our everyday lives.

Take part in the study: http://www.psych-studies.com/blog1.php

Thanks again!

Shuki Ling

Even more Will Ferrell.

Him mending the fence cracked me up.