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chair, apartment

rip off artist

Taking a cue from the networks, I decided to ignore the convention (and this week's experiment/performance art piece about political weblogging) for most of the day to engage in painful conference calls of the "can you hear me now?" variety and other assorted work type projects. More thrilling topic of posting: dataset manipulation or afternoon floor speeches? you be the judge.

After work, I met Carole & Atri for dinner at the Thai-ger Room where I had thai-ger noodles, as always. On the way, I did catch the beginning of John Edwards's [ed: we insist on this usage since Edwards is neither Biblical nor Classical] (apparently long, but on time) speech [txt, video]. In case you hadn't heard, John Kerry was in the Vietnam War and he pulled a guy out of the water. Using the same words as in his television commercial, Edwards reminded the audience of this often overlooked detail from the Kerry personal history. Oh, and John Edwards is the son of a mill worker.

Dinner was the prelude to the main entertainment: the So Bad It's Good Showgirls, which was released in VIP DVD format yesterday. David Schmader provided commentary (which is on the new DVD for those unable to attend / if this is actually his "last" performance.) The movie is outrageously bad in every regard, which makes it incredibly funny. Had even one aspect of it been decent, it would lose its magic.


I've only recently begun forcing myself to comply with the grammar of John Edwards's, etc. I don't remember learning this in school. I also learned that you had to use a , before too if it meant also. But that's very false and is getting rarer. I feel like grammar is changing all around me and I'm helpless to keep up.
it's those goddamn kids and their rap music.

actually, I have a feeling that a lot of print style guides must have a policy ignoring this rule, too. My source is Garner's Dictionary of Modern American Usage and I'm sticking to it!
I fully support your use of Edwards's. Totally correct.
thank you.