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i am not a stuffed tiger.


... so this is what they mean by "rising star."

Walking out of the gym I caught his keynote [txt] which was fantastic. Not so worried about the 22nd amendment anymore. Several other people kept stopping to watch.

update (thx, joe!): video of the speech is available from C-SPAN [site, realvideo]

I was stuck on the cardio machines for an extra fifteen minutes to catch Dean's speech [txt]. 1 Working to make america better in mysterious ways, I guess.
(1)which came after CNN ignored Gephardt and Daschle to talk to Richardson and pundited about Dean's loss being due to being "too liberal". Did they ever look at his platform? I think it was party politics, not liberal-moderate at play, but that's why they don't pay me the big money.



Obama is the first black president!

Re: 2012

Ok I just watched his speech again on cspan and I think it's the best political speech I've heard since I Have A Dream. Definitely the best evocation of God in a political speech in many years. I liked the way his whole speech had an arc to it, unlike Dean's way of coming out the gates swinging. And the blue/red states part was great. I'm really psyched about this guy.

Re: 2012

a.k.a., the "hillary's pissed!" theory. who knows? maybe the oratorical madness of Alan Keyes will stop this movement in it's tracks!

what a dick

Shorter Keyes: running for Senate in a state you don't live is a "destruction of federalism," except when I do it.

Re: 2012

Also, no amount of push-polling in the world could possibly stop the Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama tickets!
Gephardt and Daschle said nothing anyway. They looked like 10th graders compared to Clinton's phd speech giving abilities.
I just liked the part where the panel was discussing the absence of network coverage (and how this is a bad thing) while cutting away from actual speeches from top-ranking congressional democrats.

I guess that's what they get for being boring, bad, irrelevant speakers.