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contrary to popular belief, paradise would not be boring

Tonight I went to Rachel and Elena's for a passover seder. We got to read religious things out of a Maxwell House booklet -- almost as much fun as the Gideon's bible from hotels! There are a lot of capitalized pronouns in religious texts. that always throws me off a bit.

this post provided helpful insight into the details of passover.

There was some super sweet and tasty wine (kids at home - drop the boone's farm and move strait to Manischewitz wine - it is a huge improvement), salty parsley, bitter herbs, hidden matza, potato latkes, avocado salad, chocolate coins, and speed reading of songs. A good time was had by all.

After dinner, Elena tried to figure out what books have made me cry when I became amused by their heartfelt retelling of Anne of Green Gables stories. I'm not particularly good at those games of emotional revealingness. I think I developed a natural resistance to those things from all the jenna/cindy games in high school.

It was a nice night, so I walked home to get a tiny bit of activity before bed. Now I'm a little sleepy.
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