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i am not a stuffed tiger.

unsolicited endorsements

Lest we come across as too dismissive of the conventionblogger phenomenon, let us point to the Believer-LA Weekly synergy that is Joshuah Bearman's weblog. He filed dispatches from the primaries and is now reporting from the DNC "convo" [laweekly]. We are hoping that our use of second person and poli slang will help us to get credentials so we can join the ER team in "Boston" before the prexy nom acceptance speech.

Meanwhile, we are a little bummed about Dean's delegate release [bfa], and after the Clinton speech [cp] we are wishing for loopholes in XXII.

We congratulate the real media for their gradual ability to laugh at Jon Stewart and Mo Rocca's jokes. It looked like it was going to be very painful, now it looks less so. We do wonder if their makeup is intentionally bad. Do they hope to be mistaken for people with weblogs?

Finally, we are mysteriously infatuated with the Killers. This will probably last for a day or two.


Who is 'we' and how can an infatuation with the Killers last any less than a week...Good god man, its not your time!!! You're gonna make it!
the we of the royal/commenting class.

the feeling about the killers is that they will not age well. or that we will grow tired of them except for in occasional doses. but one never knows.
i thought maybe it was strength and wisdom speaking as "we."
in truth, it's more of a multiple personalities disorder (since schizophrenic sounds un-p.c.) we.
Dean did the right thing. A vote for Dean is a vote for Kucinich. Or something.
yeah. I guess so, but I don't think that it would've really hurt anything for them to vote Dean in the first round as a demonstration of DFA support. Otherwise, what was the point of continuing to accumulate delegates after dropping out? Are they somehow influencing the platform (the "great" uncovered story of the convention)?