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chair, apartment


today Lance Armstrong won his sixth Tour de France [msnbc].

All I did was go to the gym & malinda's play and work on shortening my dissertation proposal. I tried using the magical Word AutoSummarize feature, but it didn't share my priorities. The hard part is deleting the sections from the unenjoyable complicated articles.

other observations: Six Feet Under was really good tonight, the article in the New Yorker about nerd camp [interview, nyer] left me nostalgic for MST @ MSU science camp, DNC convention coverage is already out of control (see conventionblogging.com overdose and Mo Rocca as part of CNN's reporting live from the floor.), and Ebert changed the direction of his thumb for the Director's Cut of Donnie Darko (down for original, up for the DC)


Damn, can't remember where I saw it, but my favorite quote was from a blogger getting interviewed by a major network about what he was going to cover on his blog and he said: "I'm going to write about how you guys write about us write about you."
I added the entire list of "conventionbloggers" to my RSS reader [opml] and it's exhausting. I swear that this has an element of embedding. Instead of digging up facts and angles they're all posting about their flights and hotel rooms. Which, I guess, is kind of neat to read about, given that there probably isn't any real news happening at the very stage-managed convention anyway.
1. technorati has teamed up w/ CNN to track "convention bloggers:"
This whole thing is already giving me a headache. This election is like April 15: you know it's going to be bad, and you have to work to prepare for it so that it won't be a complete disaster.

2. Is the Donnie Darko director's cut really that much better than the original? I liked the original but is it worth running out to sit through the director's cut?
the word on the street is that weblogs have more potential to be influential around the RNC, if only as fact checkers. Maybe that's happening now with the right-wing weblogs that I don't read.

The .opml file from conventionbloggers is fairly insane. I don't think it's disasterous yet. Just not particularly interesting.


If you've seen the Donnie Darko DVD extras and website, there isn't a lot of new stuff in the director's cut. Some of the music is different, it's nice to see it all in order, and I'm just a fan of seeing movies in theaters.
I heard you and your soulmate attended malinda's play.
you can't believe every rumor you hear. the gossip rags are so unreliable.