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two nights

Last night Jeff and I hung out and drank horrible fruity drinks. In fairness, the "gin fizz" at Bleu (accompanied by wasabi grilled cheese & random unordered/included appetizers) was a hundred times better than the corn syrup daiquiri concoction at La Cocina. This is a case against ordering things even if they're part of a happy hour special. I felt more ill from the non-alcohol portion of the giant beverage. We would've been better to spike some slurpees.

today was hot; so I went to the library and enjoyed the surprisingly comfortable foamy chairs in the reading room for a brief escape. As expected, the library is neat. (among the many celebrations, "an ennobling public space" [newyorker] is a favorite)

Though the temperatures dropped by evening, it was still seriously warm at Neumo's for the !!! show. Like Franz Ferdinand and the Rapture, !!! brings with them the expectation of dancing and the crowd delivered, turning the showroom into a bouncy sweaty scene and the band put on an energetic show. This is a good thing for the people (like me), who wouldn't think of going to a dance club, to get a little physical activity at a show. Walking home, we decided that it's easier to enjoy !!! if you don't expect anything from the vocals/lyrics.

Despite the creepy paintings (it always seems like new decorations are appearing), I've warmed to the space at Neumo's. I think there's something intrinsically nice about a long (vs. wide) performance area.


Just passing by

Hey, I followed the link to you web page and I just wanted to say that I really like (what I assume is) your photography. So, um, yeah, good work :)

Re: Just passing by