josh (joshc) wrote,

fallout (SRMM)

The campus is almost totally evacuated. It's like a bomb was dropped, or there was a plague. Eerie. Maybe a better analogy is to the end of summer camp. For the last couple of days, there's been an exodus of people filling cars with all of their belongings and carting off to wherever. Tomorrow should mark the end, with graduation ceremonies completed this afternoon.

It's strange to adjust to the suddenly quiet streets and courtyards. Windows have gone dark and things are generally more still. The strange part is that it's not as if things were loud and crazy during the quarter, but the absence of people is apparent. I don't know what it means that I get such a kick of this feeling of being among the last people left on earth. Rationally, I know that it's not even close to that, but I've always enjoyed it. Like there's suddenly extra oxygen for the taking. I remember how beautiful the upper campus of Michigan State was on the last day of exams. Light snow falling through the ancient pines, and a dim glow still coming from the main library. It's was like the intruders finally left and those of us left could finally get back to business.

Unlike East Lansing, Seattle isn't dominated by the presence of students, so the rest of town is completely normal. It's just the U-District that serves as my personal taste of life after the apocalypse without the hassle of fallout or radiation sickness.

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