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no more candy talking

This week The Stranger's gossip/music columnist/institution Kathleen Wilson silences "Some Candy Talking" (the warmer, fuzzier sequel to "It's My Party"). In her goodbye she thanks the academy, but doesn't explain her departure. [stranger]

We'll always remember that summer of attempted K.W. sightings, and believe that the addition of her picture to the column really took much of the fun out of the game. Her relentless coverage of whatever events happened to occur at the Cha-Cha Lounge on any particular night will be sincerely missed. Our favoritest column on this subject was the one in which she detailed the annoyances of reading in a bar [stranger].


[Secret memo to Dan Savage: if you're looking for someone to take over, I know of a guy who's turning "the new 23" this August that just might be available.]
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