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drinking in the dark

no more candy talking

This week The Stranger's gossip/music columnist/institution Kathleen Wilson silences "Some Candy Talking" (the warmer, fuzzier sequel to "It's My Party"). In her goodbye she thanks the academy, but doesn't explain her departure. [stranger]

We'll always remember that summer of attempted K.W. sightings, and believe that the addition of her picture to the column really took much of the fun out of the game. Her relentless coverage of whatever events happened to occur at the Cha-Cha Lounge on any particular night will be sincerely missed. Our favoritest column on this subject was the one in which she detailed the annoyances of reading in a bar [stranger].


[Secret memo to Dan Savage: if you're looking for someone to take over, I know of a guy who's turning "the new 23" this August that just might be available.]


I've never seen Kathleen Wilson, but I do see Dan Savage a lot.
do you ever stop him to ask for advice?
I should.
How can you do a whole post on Ms Wilson without mentioning her "rode hard and put away wet" look?

i always cry at endings

while that might be the best thing ever said regarding her, I was trying to be nice given her bidding adieu.

Re: i always cry at endings

Oh come on, it's not like she died or anything.

I wholeheartedly submit that this week's Stranger cover is poking some sort of fun at her appearance.
You stole my comment! But you forgot the intro, which is also amazing...

"In the forgiving light of the Cha Cha, she's an attractive woman, but in the harsh light of day..."


I think Doug was actually the one to point her out for real, and I believe it was at the first Pho Bang show I went to (at Rebar).

You know, the Cha Cha really does have beautiful lighting.
Who doesn't look hot in front of a velvet Mexican wrestling painting?
did you know that the "put away wet" quote is from Drop Dead Gorgeous?