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The season of the political documentary continues. The Hunting of the President [site] had its Seattle premiere tonight at the Cinerama in the form of a Democratic fundraiser -- Gary Locke (aiming for a Kerry administration post?) introduced it and many of the principals stayed for a post-screening Q&A hosted by Washington's first lady. Aside: how much do we love the Q&A? it's everyone's chance to ask questions to boost their own egos.

I got to see for free since a friend knew someone who knew someone who needed seat-fillers. I thought about pretending to be a correspondent, but was reluctant to take style photos of the attendees and settled for a blurry crowd shot. [photolog] Of course, by the time everyone from our group arrived we were left to the last row in the balcony (which has less legroom than any other seat in the theater).

I thought that the movie was very powerful, possibly even more than some of this summer's others. Maybe that's because I developed my Salon addiction during the impeachment and didn't think that the concept of a "vast right wing conspiracy" was ridiculous. So, while I realize that I'm a more receptive than others, but it is an instructive story about the forces that played a huge role in the neverending scandal of the nineteen nineties (including the national media). Susan McDougal's sections were especially compelling and she comes across as the hero of the story.

It opens to the (Seattle) public on Friday at the Varsity, check the site for your city.

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