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chair, apartment

daily digest (x2)

Last night I went to dinner with Tim, Whitney, and Chris(*2). We tried to go to 611 Supreme, but they're closed on Monday (just a FYI); so walked to Machiavelli (who are, for the record, closed Sundays). Monday night turns out to be a good one for going out to eat since it's extremely easy to get a table, even when the restaurant is pretty small and cute with good food that is not even slightly overpriced.

Later, we had dessert at Dilettante and sat on the sidewalk discussing whether Pioneer Square is scarier than Capitol Hill at night. Opinions segregated by place of residence. Though, overall, I think that it takes some effort to find places in Seattle that are genuinely fear-for-your-life sketchy.


Today I worked at home, had the new exciting sandwich at Victrola, and went to the gym for yoga and general commitment to physical fitness activities. On the way home, I had my new favorite fresh juice concoction -- pear, lime, spirulina. However, I think I've exhausted my ambition and am mainly interested in staring at the walls trying to convince myself that it isn't actually hot in here (thus, keeping my clothes on).

Only in Seattle can 65 degrees at 10:30 be considered balmy. I think that my apartment has heat transfer issues that could be remedied by purchasing a fan.


fan recommendations from one who knows: 1) window fan, 2) small round fan.
of course, Seattle sold out of fans instantly. or so I heard.