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drinking in the dark

urban's loveable boy types

as a public service, a compilation of available "everyone loves a ____ boy" shirts available for purchase at the Urban Outfitters website:

[+] jewish
[+] agnostic
[+] buddhist
[+] italian
[+] german
[+] puerto rican
[+] canadian
[+] irish
[+] asian
[+] latin
[+] fat
[+] frat
[+] rich
[+] blue collar
[+] southern
[+] nerdy

All are $24, except “Italian” which is on sale for $14.99. If I remember correctly, the Italian version, with the lowest product ID number, was the first of the series. Expect other versions as new hipster niche markets emerge. [urbn]


which one did you buy?

today at work we had a lunch with the attorneys, and a student asked how a woman can balance working as a lawyer with having a family. my boss said, "marry rich."

i'm glad i've picked a career that isn't compatible with a family. rich it is?
I just couldn't decide. I wasn't sure if I should go for truth in advertising or irony.


haven't you been reading caitlin flannigan? clearly you need to work from home with a nanny to take care of your children. just pay her social security taxes!