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i am not a stuffed tiger.

follow the money

The segment on tonight's NewsHour with JimLehrer about presidential ad spending was fascinating. Terrence Smith interviews Ken Goldstein of the University of Wisconsin about his new study:
This presidential election is being concentrated on 19, 20 battleground states. There's 210 media markets in the United States and we're seeing advertising in only 93 of those media markets, and that translates into only 40 percent of Americans being potentially exposed to television advertising and 60 percent of Americans, those Americans who live in big states like California, Texas and New York, not seeing any political advertising at all.[pbs]

The press release [pdf], available at the Wisconsin Advertising Project home page, includes several graphs and analysis of the results of the survey.


I thought california was up in the air...
http://www.electoral-vote.com shows California as a "weak Kerry" with an 8% margin. If he can't win California, I don't think that he has any hope of winning the election.
You should x-post this on 2004adwatch
I don't know - we have Bush and Kerry ads here, but aren't mentioned on that map . . .
I think that the survey only included dates from March until June.