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chair, apartment

past, present, conditional

The major accomplishment of this weekend was finishing 8 1/2. The worst part about this being an "accomplishment" is that the movie is really good, but I kept falling asleep every time I started watching it. This has been going on for something like a month. I even tried to play it on the plane to Michigan, but the subtitles didn't work on my iBook. The routine went something like: "hmm. let's watch that DVD," then "oh, this is interesting, but my eyes are tired" followed shortly by "you need to read the subtitles because you don't speak Italian" and finally "oops. wake up stupid."

The relative heat and humidity didn't do much for my wakefulness or attention span. Basically, I was a sleep junkie all weekend.

Now that I made it through all of the pieces, I want to watch again with the commentary. I am NetFlix's favorite customer.


Yesterday's chapter in the brunch book focused on Cafe Flora, where we were presented with shots of orange juice and the servers were very attentive. I think that we might have invited this when we started our visit by ordering water and passing packets of sweeteners around the table as part of a taste test (results: splenda & equal, unequally chemically; real sugar, good).

According to Chris, my wearing of khaki pants apparently signified a love of Jesus.


At breakfast, everyone was talking about the greatness of Salumi [menu], which I haven't visited mostly because of the whole not eating flesh of beast1 situation. But, I did pick up a fake turkey salad sandwich made by Vegete for dinner that was just fantastic even though I'm not generally a fan of fake meat products.

(1) this phrase is probably only funny to those who learned rules of composting at the MSU Student Housing Corporation. And even then, not that humorous.


If you do decide to eat the flesh of the beast, Salumi's the place to do it.
Your posts are always so great! Even though I didn't get the bit about the beast, I still found it comical in its wording. I myself do fancy a fake meat product from time to time such as the tofu lettuce wraps from P.F. Chang's. I simply adore that place...it has phenomenal tea. Mmm.
Wait, tofu isn't a fake meat product...its a meat substitute. I could have just deleted the former post but it was more effort than it was worth...seeing as I haven't mastered your graphical system yet.

I think it was used, not to be funny, but to explain that meat didn't go into the compost in a way that did not seek to hide the fact of meat as a product of dead animals.