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drinking in the dark

friday night hotness

o.k., so I haven't opened any of my mail for something like a month and decided that since I'd completely been sucked in by I Love the 90s I might as well open it and tear up all of the credit card offers. What I've noticed is the (return of?) the awesome marketing trend in which they include a pretend credit card with the offer.

Does this work? Ooh! Look at how fucking cool I'll look when my name is in the "YOUR NAME HERE" spot on that American Express Gold reward cards. So hot, I'm going to fill out the application right now and carry the fake card around in my wallet, hoping that people will see it whenever I take out cash or my ID.

I also wonder if the quality of the fake represents the interest of the credit card company in my money. Because there really is quite a range.


watching the VH1, I wonder what role these retrospective shows will have in nationalizing the mentality of the instantly passe trend.


Speaking of instantly passe trends, AND of fake come-on credit cards, I have received not one but -four- fake come-on small-business credit cards w/ my name and with "Flash Mobs" as the name of my business.

I don't own a business (by that name or any other), but I was involved in kicking off flash mobs. And somehow now the credit industry thinks I'm the CEO or head janitor or something, of the nonexistent Flash Mobs Inc. I assume (and I -hope-) this happened because a friend signed me up as a joke, and not because the credit industry is tracking my personal life that closely.

RE: "Does this work?" Yes. I guarantee it. It's sad to think that enough Americans buy into that crap, but the credit industry has been sending these fake cards out for years, and these firms don't keep investing in a marketing scheme if it doesn't work well. Americans love cards and credentials, any shiny object that might by any absurd stretch of the imagination be considered a status symbol. It's the same behavior pattern you see with people who make a big point of wearing corporate ID cards, keycards, etc. prominently where everyone can see them. At any given business conference, a substantial percentage of the attendees will strut around town, outside the hotel and after the conference hours, -still- wearing their conference badges, apparently thinking this will convince the locals around town that they're Very Important People...

Oops, I vented again. Don't mind me..