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chair, apartment


Since I had to leave work early to go to the IMA1 I thought that I'd do some work afterwards. By this, I meant that I would go to Victrola or something. When I got there, some guy was banging away at the piano and singing Gershwin and Cole Porter, apparently. I stayed for a while, but the annoyance of it all didn't lead to much in the way of getting stuff done aside from building a headache.

Instead I hung out at Chris's new laptop (mildred) party and explored synchronization options. Bluetooth phones are super-nifty. My iPod is staying over for a slumber party.

(1) where I discovered that even though I know I shouldn't, I do ♥ VH1's I ♥ the 90s. Yes, I realize that it's too soon, but like [info]rhiannon I am hypnotized by snarky B-list celebrity commentary.


I have Bluetooth on my laptop and pocket pc, but haven't really used it.
well, I guess that the cool thing was being able to transfer the phonebook and calendar from the cell to the computer. I guess that this could be (and probably ususally is) accomplished using a cable, but seeing things happen through the air just is more fascinating.

not that I maintain a calendar or addressbook anyway.
Yeah. I tried to transfer a song once, but it said it was going to take like 2 hours or something. I think once I use the pocket pc as I'm supposed to (assessment) it will come in handy.